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We firmly believe that learning is best achieved in a fun environment, where the use of interactive games, activities, repetition and song occupy the minds of the children as they unconsciously learn the art of swimming.

The child’s first introduction to the water is gentle and nurturing, so that as each week progresses the student’s confidence increases. Every child is seen as an individual, enabling them to learn at a pace that best suits their abilities and personalities. This enhances their personal growth and you will find that they gain confidence in all areas of their lives. Parents feel immense joy when they see their child swim for the first time without the aid of a teacher or parent.

Learning to swim from an early age increases intelligence, general confidence and well-being, and improves strength, fitness and muscle co-ordination. As all these wonderful attributes come to fruition, the children experience their physical and intellectual potential, laying the foundations for their future.

Spiroulla Neocleous instructor

Our Instructor

Spiroulla has been teaching babies, toddlers and children to swim since 2006. She is a fully qualified ASA instructor with life-saving qualifications. The special joy for her is working with babies from three months all the way up to ten years old, watching them grow in confidence, and the memorable moment they are able to swim on their own. Children take to Spiroulla, often looking forward to the next class when they can see her again. This has led to her teaching generations of siblings over the years, an especially gratifying experience.


Cherub Fish

Appropriately named for your little cherub’s first experience with swimming. The first class begins with your baby’s initiation into the water and the introduction of gentle exercises on the baby’s front and back. Each week as the class progresses, the confidence of baby and parent grows immensely.

Moon Fish

A progression from Cherubfish, the second level of our baby course continues with the repetition and development of swimming exercises, bringing with it a wider range of experience and freedom of movement for your baby to enjoy the water.

Butterfly Fish

By this level, progression is further developed as your baby learns different holds and experiences an increase in strength. Children work at their own pace and stay at this level until they are ready to move on to Firefish.

Fire Fish

Your babies are now toddlers who are stronger and more accustomed to the water. This next stage introduces more water confidence building exercises, and fun learning through song, nursery rhymes and toys. The children are introduced to noodles, which is a further stage to releasing the child’s dependence on the parent.
This is the perfect start for Children who are new to swimming. Teaching accommodates beginners and those who have gone through the levels. Beginners find themselves in an environment where they can observe their potential and learn at their own pace whilst having fun through interactive learning.

Dragon Fish

This next stage for toddlers maintains its focus on water confidence, fun and games. We continue perfecting body positioning in the water, and correct kicking and arm exercises are introduced.

lion Fish

At this level, the children are confident and are swimming on their own. More concentration is given to working with noodles and floats to improve front and back work, breathing exercises are introduced, and priority is given to correct form. Deepwater work is an important aspect of this course as children learn to dive and explore beneath the water.


 Barnet venue

Barnet Venue

Whitings Hill Primary School
Whitings Road,
photo of Harrow venue

Harrow Venue

Harrow School Sports Club
Garlands Lane,
Harrow on the Hill,

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